Gifts of Hope, Legacy and Love

In 1941, four amazing women Norma Parker, Elvira Lyons, Constance Moffit and Eileen Davidson, joined together to ask the Archbishop of Sydney to provide support to those most vulnerable in their society.

Today, CatholicCare, as the social services agency of the Archdiocese of Sydney, we continue their vision; in creating strong families and connected communities, where everyone can feel supported and has a sense of belonging.

At CatholicCare we provide the avenue for individuals and families to live and thrive at every age, irrespective of beliefs and abilities. This has been our aim for over 75 years.

But we can’t do that work alone. It’s only through support from like-minded members of the community that we can continue this important work. Each year CatholicCare gives our blessings and thanks to our supporters who have passed, for their generosity and their ongoing legacy to help others.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Rose Gallagher was a woman of faith and action who has since passed some years ago, but as a CatholicCare supporter left a lasting legacy to those in need. Rose believed in giving young people at risk a helping hand, not a handout. During her life, Rose had a vision to provide young people with the support they needed to succeed in reaching their full potential.

After taking care of her loved ones in her Will, she made a provision that would fulfil her vision well beyond her lifetime.

With Rose’s gift CatholicCare created Rose Gallagher cottage, a home for youth leaving the out of home care system, a safe place for them to explore the responsibilities of becoming adults in a supported and nurturing environment.

A gift that will last a lifetime

A gift to CatholicCare in your Will means that: • Children will grow up to be resilient and self sufficient • Individuals are supported in their time of crisis • Families can create strong bonds to support and nurture each other • Seniors need not feel alone

To learn more about leaving a gift in your Will to CatholicCare, pleases call and ask to speak to Thomas Ng on 13 18 19.


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