A Message from the CEO of CatholicCare, Mark Phillips

As we approach Christmas, I am sure we will all look back on the past year with a mixture of emotions.

No one could have predicted the disruption, loss, and anxiety that this year has delivered to us in Sydney, across Australia, and the world. In addition to the impacts of COVID-19, there have also been devastating bushfires and floods in our country, as well as continued civil unrest and terrorism in other parts of the world.

Through it all, though, the resilience of the human spirit has been evident. I can say with great pride that the people of CatholicCare Sydney have responded magnificently with agility, enterprise and thoughtfulness, with a constant focus on doing the best for those we care for.

I hope this edition of Caring News illustrates to you how we at CatholicCare Sydney work to support people, strengthen families and connect communities, and how we have continued to do so even through the last 12 months.

I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a safe, restful and joy-filled Christmas.

God bless.

Mark Phillips Chief Executive Officer CatholicCare Sydney


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