COVID-19 has affected us all

COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us, not only in Sydney, not only in Australia, but across the world people are suffering from this terrible virus. The people most affected are our seniors, other members of the community including the homeless, those that have lost their jobs and livelihood due to the virus, and too many more.

This special edition of Caring News highlights some of the ways CatholicCare is working to support those in need; through financial counseling to help people manage their finances and the stress of their situation, expanding and innovating our senior services to ensure our elderly are supported, and through our CCareline helpline service that is always ready to help those in need.

Please, show your support for people in our community who are vulnerable and reaching out for help in this troubling time and donate to our Crisis Appeal –

Mark Phillips CEO, CatholicCare Sydney


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