Father Peter Carroll Meets the Pope

Peter Carroll Chaplaincy Manager, CatholicCare Sydney

“In November last year I visited the Vatican for a meeting of Integral Human Development and the Catholic Prison Pastoral Care, which had Catholic representatives from across the world in attendance.

I shared the same compassion with many others in the room, as prison ministers who know the pain suffered by men and women who are imprisoned, as it has become our pain.

Pope Francis gave an inspiring speech which drew on his personal experiences as a pastor, and made time to exchange a few words with everyone in attendance. I had an awareness that Pope Francis understands the energy that hope brings to the journey of freedom both for the prisoner, and the work of prison ministry. I found him to be gracious and grateful for the work that we do in this space. When I met him he was interested to learn I was from Australia and hear about my role and my passion for the ministry.

Personally, I was both inspired and affirmed by the experience. I do hope this significant church ministry will continue to reach out to those men and women affected by prison experiences.

The church must be with them, and through this ministry bring the healing and freeing love of Christ alive.”


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