Running for ability at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

Our annual participation in the iconic Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a highlight for CatholicCare staff and the employees of Centacare. In 2019, students from Sydney Catholic Schools joined our team to help raise much needed funds for Centacare, a workplace that employs people living with an intellectual disability.

After students participated in the Solidarity Program, where they visited Centacare and worked alongside the employees for a day, almost 60 passionate and caring young adults registered for the Blackmores Running Festival and helped to raise funds for the employees – people they now call their friends.

Thanks to the amazing effort of almost 100 fundraisers, we raised an incredible $54,988 for Centacare! These funds will greatly help Centacare continue to provide fulfilling work and enriching life skills training for those living with a disability.

Centacare employs about 75 people who have a variety of intellectual disabilities and a wide range of capabilities. The workplace offers a variety of work such as packing and assembly tasks and document security shredding through to corporate cleaning and gardening services which keep employees engaged in their work.

In addition to this, employees are given opportunities to improve their personal and daily living skills through Independent Living Workshops which focus on tasks like cooking, cleaning and education.

The employees of Centacare thoroughly enjoy seeing all the friendly faces of support at the event and are thrilled to see more and more people attend each year.


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