Your support gives us so much HOPE

You give us hope to provide a better future for babies born into disadvantage, and hope for young vulnerable mothers in desperate need of support. Thanks to you, young families and innocent children are given the opportunity to thrive through our vital HOPE program.

Some of the young mums who come through the program need a little extra help on their journey to become a new mum. They’re aged between 16 – 25 years old, are pregnant or have a child under two, and are referred to the program through social workers and other NGOs as an early intervention measure to ensure they have the best chance at creating a safe home for their babies.

Our vulnerable mums come to us with a wide variety of issues and from diverse backgrounds. Some are on the brink of homelessness with nowhere to live, some are victims of domestic violence and some are struggling with the grips of substance abuse. Currently 52% of the women in our program are from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds (including Vietnamese, Indonesian etc), 40% are Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander, and 2% are Anglo-Australian.

HOPE Program Manager, Ruth Farrer, has been passionately developing the program for the last two years and knows just how much it helps young women in need. Ruth has a background in child protection and understands the serious need for programs like this that work with women before they fall into crisis and potentially have their children removed from their care.

“These young women are stronger and more resilient than I’ll ever be. Hearing their stories, and where they have come from, they are truly inspiring.

“Early intervention is key to giving these mums and their babies the best chance to achieve the life they want, not just for themselves but for their child.

“The inspiring part is watching them grow as individuals throughout the program, to break the cycle of disadvantage that they themselves were born into with the motivation to provide a better future for their baby.”

The HOPE program receives only 20% of its funding from state health departments. The remaining 80% is from philanthropic sources like you, our kind and generous supporters who care as much for families in need as we do – Thank you.

  • The help that HOPE provides is dependent on each individual’s needs and requirements and supports young mums in every aspect of their lives with:

  • Parenting support to help young mums understand their babies’ needs, cues and development stages

  • Support to connect with their community through playgroups, day care and early childhood nurses

  • Help to develop independent living skills like budgeting, cooking, training and study

  • Support to build confidence with their mental health, substance use and relationships

  • Support to help set up a safe and secure home to find permanent housing and set up the home with basic necessities (bed, fridge, microwave etc)

Your support for the HOPE program helps break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. These young families need supporters like you to help them build a brighter future.

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.


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