“Thank You”, from Simon & Lisa

Back in June we wrote to you with a story about our teenage client Simon and his mum Lisa. Their family was struggling to deal with Simon’s drug use and received valuable help from our Family Recovery program to get back on track.

We wrote, and you listened. So many of you responded with kindness and generosity to Simon and Lisa’s story, and we can’t thank you enough.

The Family Recovery program receives very little government funding. It is because of kind hearted people like you that we can continue to support families in need.

Simon was in year 11 at school when he fell in with the wrong crowd and his drug use began to spiral out of control. Simon’s mum Lisa was the first to reach out to us for help. She didn’t know how to communicate with her son anymore, and felt like she was losing him.

Eventually Simon agreed to participate in Family Recovery’s Pathways program that helps young people before they fall too deeply into dependence, while his mother Lisa joined the PAUSE program that supports the family members of those in the grip of addiction. Both programs helped them immensely, with help to better understand their situation and with guidance to help maintain the family unit.

Simon and Lisa’s story is one of many families who struggle with the effects of a family member using drugs or alcohol. Thanks to you we were able to raise an amazing $40,000 for this life changing program.

Family Recovery’s Young People’s Program Coordinator, Sally Riley says:

“We couldn’t be more grateful for the support we received for our program.

“We are a small program, but the work we do helps families in a big way. Thank you to all who gave to our recent appeal - because of you more families will be able to receive our specialist support when they need it most.”

Thank you for supporting our clients who are desperate for help to keep their families together, and for ensuring a better future for other families who are struggling with the toils of addiction.


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