An App to help the people who like to help

Our new initiative launched in March, the CCareline App, will help further the reach of our work even deeper into the community. Available to download free from the App Store, the CCareline App acts as an extra level of support to our community leaders who provide integral face to face, hands on care to vulnerable members our community.

Priests, Sisters, School Principals, Teachers and other trusted community leaders are often approached by people for advice and support. While these respected members of the community provide valuable guidance, they may not be equipped to help when the matter requires further professional assistance. When this is the case a Priest can utilise the CCareline App to send a person in need an info sheet about services that may be able to help with the issues they are facing, which will prompt a caring phone call from CCareline to see if they need any further assistance.

Father Anthony Bernard, Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Camperdown and Chaplain at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, understands just how useful the App will be to his work and knows first hand the positive impact CCareline can provide.

“I first heard about CCareline at a clergy meeting and decided to call to find help for a refugee family I was supporting from Vietnam. They came to Australia seeking a better life but became isolated with limited support.

The family couldn’t speak English so CCareline arranged an interpreter to help understand their situation and then was able to link the family to the services they needed.

Thanks to CCareline I learnt where and how I can help people to find the appropriate services and resources for their individual circumstances, which gives me great peace of mind.”

The CCareline App, an innovative approach to extend a helping hand to those in need with the support and guidance of the people they trust. This level of support at the time crisis hits may be able to help them resolve their issues faster and with less impact to themselves and their family.

We are excited about the unique opportunity the CCareline App will provide, to make our valuable support services more widely available and in turn help more Sydney families to live and thrive. Your support of CatholicCare Sydney has helped make this App possible, thank you for your passion to help those in our community who need it most.


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