Best of Friends

For the last fourteen years Lily has received volunteer services from CatholicCare Sydney to provide additional companionship at home. Lily has multiple health problems including suffering from a serious stroke, problems with brittle bones and lives daily with diabetes.

She spent six years with her first volunteer, Vera, who Lily knew as a friend before she officially became her volunteer. When Vera decided to take a break, Lily started receiving visits from Nancy, and they’ve been together ever since.

That was eight years ago, and since they first met they’ve become a huge part of each others lives. Nancy comes over to visit Lily for two hours once a week and they truly cherish their time together.

They used to go for walks when Lily’s health was better, but now they just sit down over a cup of tea (and a sweet treat or two) and talk about their lives. They tell each other everything.

They see each other for birthdays, for Christmas, for all special occasions. They have met each other’s families and now consider each other to be family. “One day my husband couldn’t take me to hospital. So Nancy and her father took me. They are such beautiful people!” Explains Lily. Nancy admires Lily’s passion for life, and Lily takes great comfort in her friendship. They share an undeniably strong bond and feed off each other’s love and positivity.

This year at a small morning tea event Nancy was recognised for her milestone five years of volunteering at CatholicCare Sydney, and she took Lily along. This is a day Lily will never forget and one that brought her much joy. She is so proud of the bond she has made with Nancy and keeps a photo of that day displayed in her living room.

Volunteers Needed

The CatholicCare volunteering program provides a sense of companionship and support to seniors. It brings so much happiness and joy. If you have time to give to someone who may be feeling isolated or lonely and would like more information about the CatholicCare volunteer program, please visit or call CCareline on 13 18 19.


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