You can give a Gift of Goodness

November 11, 2018



Traditionally at Christmas time the CatholicCare community rally together to collect long life and tinned food to create lovely hampers for our clients in need.


This year, Harris Farm Markets are proudly supporting our Christmas Hamper Appeal by providing fresh fruit and vegetables for our families. These new hampers will provide all the ingredients for a full meal, which for some at Christmas can be scarce.


CatholicCare home care client Victoria and her husband Leo are just one of our grateful hamper recipients…


“I love Christmas. It’s the only time of the year the whole family gets together.


We normally have Christmas at our house, and everyone brings a plate. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do it this year. I’ve got tendinitis in both my hands and I can’t see very well anymore.


I get help these days to do the shopping, because I can’t drive or read the prices on things. I also get help to clean the house.


I don’t buy many Christmas presents because I can’t afford it. We have to watch our pennies, you know? I try to give the children a couple of dollars in an envelope, but I don’t go shopping.


A fresh food hamper will really help my husband and me, especially at Christmas time. It means a lot, I can’t easily go shopping and we don’t have much money so it will really help.


My whole life I’ve always tried to give to everyone I could. Now that I can’t give anymore, it feels so nice that people are there to look after me.

It’s nice to know that people do care. We have to care for one another.


Thank you to all the people who help to give these hampers, it will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.”


You can make a huge difference by giving a Gift of Goodness to a family in need this


Please visit and donate today.




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