Helping families through addiction

Addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling have a huge impact not only on the individual who is addicted, but on all those close to them. Our Family Recovery program (previously named Holyoake) provides essential support for family members and close relatives of someone who has an addiction.

Suzanne is a mother who participated in the program more than 10 years ago when her daughter was addicted to heroin and is now a Group Facilitator for Family Recovery as well as a psychotherapist. Suzanne knows all too well the worries and concerns our families experience during such stressful times.

“When my daughter was 16 she became involved in drugs. She met somebody who had a troubled past and was already using and tried to rescue him, but in turn got caught in a web of drug use herself. She was heroin dependent for more than 10 years. It couldn’t have got any worse, she become involved in crime and was completely acting out of her morals.

“It was a time of incredible turmoil for me. I felt like I had fallen into a hellish nightmare and none of us knew how to cope. Everything I did seemed to dig us deeper, until I went to Family Recovery.” Says Suzanne.

The Family Recovery program provides group therapy sessions for families and relatives that have a loved one who is struggling with addiction. The program recognises that in these situations most people feel alone and scared. Group sessions with other people who are experiencing similar issues help families to realise they are not alone, that there is support for them and that the other parents in this situation are good people too.

Suzanne who facilitates the group sessions understands that this type of peer support plays a vital role in helping parents cope with their stress and to understand what they, and their loved one, are going through.

“As a group facilitator sharing my story with the group is very helpful for them. Helpful to know that they are not alone, there is hope and there is a way through it.”

The program gives families a space to air their situations and their feelings in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Group facilitators provide parents with various coping mechanisms to give alternative ways to deal with their individual situations.

“My daughter is 10 years clean and is now a psychotherapist herself. Her journey encouraged her to understand more about what happened to her. She is married, has two beautiful children, she is an amazing mother and our relationship is so strong.”

Thanks to the support of kind-hearted donors like you, we are able to continue to provide life changing services like Family Recovery to desperate families in need.


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