From the CEO's desk

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who generously donated to CatholicCare’s 2017 tax appeal.

With your invaluable support we will be able to help people recently arrived in Australia better understand our customs and government regulations. You have enabled us to do this important work. Many of the people you’re helping come from war-torn areas or places where deprivation is extreme. CatholicCare’s Cultural Support Services help them find their feet sooner and with fewer imposts upon our social services system.

The use of this culturally-sensitive approach has already achieved a good outcome for a father and his son from Iraq. By supporting the family to connect with their community; for the son to attend sports classes and for both to enjoy family outings, we have been able to strengthen their relationship.

We hope you take pleasure in the fact that your contribution helps families stay together successfully, making the most of their new lives, and we sincerely thank you for your generosity.

On another note, we’re always looking for people with unique language skills to help in the Cultural Support Service. Please let us know on 13 18 19 if you can lend a hand or refer us to people who may be interested in helping.

Thank you for supporting us in our much-needed work.

Mark Phillips


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