From the CEO's Desk

A very important word for us here at CatholicCare is support.

In doing our work, our main objective is that people feel supported. For us, this means that people know that their needs are understood and are being addressed. They will also know that they are loved and respected, and that they belong.

In providing this support, our wish is to see people, and their families and communities, thrive.

The stories in this edition of Caring News hopefully illustrate for you some of the support that we provide to the people of Sydney.

We are not, though, able to provide this support without your assistance. Whether that is via donations of time or money, via the referral of employment opportunities for our disabled clients, or via your prayers and advocacy on behalf of the people we serve, your assistance has been and continues to be vital.

Thank you for all that you do. You walk in solidarity with us and the people we support. Your assistance recognises that you understand a profound truth: That we are all in this together.

Mark Phillips


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