Our Parent Education Team painted the town REaD!

There has been a (not so) quiet literacy revolution going on around Australia. “More than 20% of Australian children arrive at school without the skills necessary to make the most of their early education. In some communities the figure is much higher. Research shows that no matter how good their subsequent teaching, these children can fall further and further behind. They may struggle with literacy, employment, health and happiness for the rest of their lives. Paint the Town REaD works to overcome this by motivating communities across Australia to read, talk, sing and rhyme with their children so they’re ready to learn to read and write at school”*. Local communities sign up to the program and read to their egg which grows with each story until it’s ready to hatch.

This week it was Marrickville’s turn and I was lucky enough to be representing CatholicCare at the Egg Hatching Ceremony this morning at Steel Park. The poor weather didn’t deter the children and their parents from attending and there was considerable excitement when the local fire brigade and police officers brought the Egg in on a stretcher. Local State MP Jo Haylen read to the egg one final time and then two of our local Early Childhood Nurses/Midwives rushed in to assist with the hatching! It was all very dramatic when Marrickville’s Reading Mascot hatched and was discovered to be a Pelican called Garranga Bumarri. Federal MP Linda Burnie was the first to read to the Pelican and spoke about the importance of reading and early literacy.

The event was a great opportunity to meet some of the families and let them know of the support CatholicCare can offer.

Angharad Candlin

Coordinator Parent Education



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