Navigating the NDIS - stress free!

Meet our Customer Service Team, who are ready and willing to take your call for any queries you may have!

Top 5 tips for navigating the NDIS:

1. Ask Questions-

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Questions equal answers which provide knowledge and help you become well prepared

2. Write it down!

Have a notebook to write down everything you find out so you don’t misplace important information.

3. Be frank and open

Openly sharing your goals, concerns and unmet needs will give your NDIS or My Aged Care assessor a clearer picture of how to best support you.

4. Take a breather

If you feel overwhelmed, have a cup of tea or a chat with a friend before starting the next task.

5. Don’t agree if you don’t agree

If a plan doesn’t feel right, ask for another meeting or voice your concerns in an email.


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