Loyalty Makes A Difference

John and Laura Hurrell have stayed connected with CatholicCare for more than 5 years.

Asked why they have stay involved and support us, John and Laura said:

“To us, as Catholic Christians, who welcome and heed the words of James (2:14-20) as to the need to do good deeds, CatholicCare is the quiet achiever which provides a very broad range of services to assist the most vulnerable.”

John and Laura support us knowing that when they do, we are working together to assist the people of Sydney especially “homeless, desperate Mums with young children escaping domestic violence to find safe shelter from the dangers of the night or the young person with a disability to overcome challenges and barriers to seeking employment.”

CatholicCare’s CEO Mark Phillips presented John and Laura with their 5 year Donor Loyal Certificate at our End of Year Mass last year.


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