5th Annual Teddy Bear's Picnic

In November 2016 we held our 5th Annual Teddy Bears Picnic for all current Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP) clients.

9 Families participated in the morning where they were able to socialise with fellow clients that they knew and didn’t know, network with parents, and staff of CatholicCare as well as enjoy some quality time with their children whilst on-site.

The morning consisted of a range of activities to suit everyone’s needs including craft activities, music activities, pretend play, a range of fine motor and gross motor indoor and outdoor activities, as well as, sharing in snack time together where the families provided a plate each and every one shared.

The children had a blast and were busy going in and out all morning, playing with staff, family and friends. Not only was this a fun morning for all but a great opportunity to further develop skills in all areas of development through play, give advice to families on specific needs for children and provide support by creating positive networks with the families and CatholicCare at Cabramatta West.


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